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Extended Utilities of a Gantry or Overhead Crane

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Cranes have become an important gadget in most of the manufacturing units, construction industry as well as in ports and docks, container ships and so on. Cranes are available in different types like tower cranes, crawler cranes, portal cranes, all-terrain cranes, vehicle-mounted cranes and so on. Among all these varieties of cranes, the portal cranes which are popularly called as gantry crane are extensively used at ports and various kinds of manufacturing units involving the movement of bulky and very heavy products.

In fact, in one of the International Container Terminal Services built in New Melbourne and scheduled to be declared open in the next couple of days, five gantry or portal cranes with a lifting capacity of 8000 TEUs have been installed

A fixed variety crane:

Such is the enormity of the power of portal cranes which are extensively used in all container ships. The portal cranes are built atop gantry or scaffolding and hence they have acquired the name gantry crane. This crane is also called as an overhead crane and also a bridge crane. This is a fixed variety crane wherein the materials can be moved within certain predefined distance on its horizontal axis.

Huge lifting capability:

In the docks and ports, there are exclusive gantry cranes to move the goods from ship to the port. Such cranes are used for loading or unloading the container and other materials from the ship to the land or vice-versa. The undisputed capability of the gantry is further highlighted by the fact that in China a gantry capable of lifting up to 22000 metric tons has been installed

Portable gantry:

In the normal course, the gantry is being used to move materials within a certain, limited distance; say from the ship to the shore. But, the modern invention of rubber tired gantry crane has further extended the utility of this type of crane. As the very name indicates, these cranes are equipped with exclusively designed rubber tires. This has actually extended the utility of a gantry crane in Australia and has made it a portable crane. The crane is extensively used for moving the goods to the exclusive storage place. However, according to the existing technology, the portable gantry has certain constraints on its weight lifting capability.

Customized design:

In the normal course, the design of an Australia gantry crane is customized depending on the requirements of the user. The manufacturers undertake to install the cranes. They also help to maintain and also repair all types of cranes. Further, the manufacturers ensure the cranes are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with the Australian Standards and according to the general guidelines issued by the Government of Australia.

Free-standing gantry:

Recently some of the unique models of free-standing best gantry crane Australia shops sell have also been introduced to the market. In fact, such innovative products have extended the utility of a gantry in the manufacturing processes of industry.

Visit the manufacturers:

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