Practical Tips for a Low Budget Home Makeover

You want a home renovation, right? Fine! But, are you ready for it? Planning a home makeover could be easy for others, but if you’re not prepared financially, that would be a huge problem. It’s a good thing that companies such as can offer some budget-friendly materials for a massive home makeover you’ve been dreaming of.


Start planning now.


Do it now! Neither tomorrow nor next time. Also, don’t plan out in the air, take a pen and a piece of paper – make a list and plan it right! Considering that you are on a tight budget, it’s essential to know the: “what to buy and what not to buy” on your list.


We know that you wanted to level up your home makeover game by splurging more, but this time, say “Hi!” to self-control. By the way, don’t you know that you can still ace your dream house in a small budget? We can assure you that by following these practical tips, you’ll get high-quality materials without wrecking your pocket.  Visit Trade Warehouse to learn more.


Are you ready? Let’s start!


House assessment is required.


Of course! Be the own doctor of your house. Check every corner – inside and outside. Look for damages, from its floorings, walls, up to its ceiling. This would help you distinguish the necessary materials you’ll be needing to fix your house. Identify if your house has been attacked by termites, and other pests. By all means, get rid of them. Who would want to live in a house full of parasites?


Mood board – Be an architect


If you haven’t heard about Mood Board yet, this time you will. Mood boards are a collage of designs you want – from the wall paints to the home décor. This will serve as your visual guide in your home overhauling. You don’t need to spend much for the board, in fact, you can use your laptop for it. Get inspirations from Pinterest, search any home designs you’d love to copy – be your own architect!


Be a DIY (Do It Yourself) professional


With the small budget you’ve allocated to renovating, it would be pricey if you get professionals (Engineers, Architect, and Interior Designers) to renovate your home. You can DIY it. Although, if you want to move faster you can hire carpenters (depending on your budget) to help you out.


From your shower curtains to your clothing rack, headboards, etc. – anything that you think is still useful, revamp it. The guys and gals at can help you out with your DIY situation, you can find high-grade and economical materials you won’t regret buying.


Stop hoarding: sell the unnecessary


Overhauling means clearing out the unnecessary and filling in what’s useful. Yes, I’m talking about the things you’ve been hoarding for centennial years already.


Like what Marie Kondo would say “Discard everything that would not spark joy.” Yes, it isn’t simple, but you’ll reward yourself after seeing the results. For me, discard doesn’t mean, to “throw”, since we’re talking about practicality here, why not sell those things and earn from them? You’ll thank us later.


Now that you’re fully equipped, don’t forget to apply these practical tips. It’s time to build your palace.